Roost® Now Shipping Protection360 Commercial Property Telematics Service





Roost®NowShipping Protection360Commercial Property Telematics Service

24/7 service delivers real-time property alerts & verification


Sunnyvale, CA – November 7, 2019 – Roost, the global leader in Property Telematics for P&C insurance carriers, today announced that it is now shipping its much anticipated Protection360 Commercial Property Telematics Service.  This turn-key white label service specifically addresses the needs of commercial carriers in a wide variety of SMB verticals including medical offices, houses of worship, restaurants, retail, as well as small multi-family-properties and hotels at an affordable price.

The Roost Protection360 service delivers 24/7 real-time alerts and verifications for water leak, freezing temperature, power outage and smoke alarms, reducing annual claims costs through proactive communications that can save property owners and carriers millions of dollars each year. The customized service also includes a white label mobile app that enables an engaging branded offering for the carrier and their commercial policyholders.

“We are very excited to be deploying our innovative Protection360 Service and to have Church Mutual Insurance, the largest insurer of religious institutions in the US as our strategic commercial launch partner” said Roel Peeters, co-founder and CEO of Roost. “This new solution builds upon our proven technology and insurance industry experience to deliver a new platform that has compelling value to both insurer and commercial property owner.”

Key features of the Protection360 service include:

  • 24/7 alert management service – Reliable and proactive notifications ensure that the right person receives the emergency alert at the right time.
  • Verified alerts – Within minutes of notifying a policyholder, Roost verifies the alert through SMS, IVR and/or live calls. Upon policyholder confirmation, Roost can notify the carrier to initiate immediate dispatch mitigation services.
  • Long range proprietary wireless solution – The core platform utilizes broadly deployed cellular, along with commercial grade proprietary wireless technology that extends the range of property sensors 5X greater than traditional Wi-Fi. Perfect for properties up to 25,000 square feet.
  • Maximize adoption rate – New “Zero-Install” technology enables initial connection in less than 5 minutes. “Just Plug It In” for a simple DIY installation in your property.

To learn more or to experience the benefits of our Protection360 Service please contact one of our US sales executives:  Jim Strickland – strickland@roostlabs.comor Jim Kelsey –

 About Roost:

Roost is a technology company based in Sunnyvale, California that is focused on disrupting the traditional property Insurance model through their “Property Telematics” suite of solutions. Roost started in the home with a smart 9V battery that transforms smoke alarms, a smart water leak & freeze detector and a smart garage door sensor.  These three affordable smart sensors provide peace-of-mind to homeowners and rich data to insurers.

Most recently, Roost entered the commercial segment with Protection360, a commercial SMB loss prevention service incorporating 24/7 alert monitoring through a hardware kit with proprietary wireless and long-range sensors to detect water, smoke, power, temp and occupancy.  Roost delivers these easy to install commercial property solutions with a white-label mobile app and a cloud-based platform.

Roost’s primary Go-to-market approach is through Insurance companies deploying directly to their policyholders. The effect is a reduction in claim related losses (fire and water perils costing $25B/year in US) as well as driving policyholder engagement through a content rich, digital mobile app experience, impacting retention and customer acquisition.  Roost is focused on changing the way property insurance models assess risk and pricing on a real-time basis.  For more information, please visit


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