One Baloise

Baloise announced that it will focus on a group-wide rebranding project this year; under the new branding, all national subsidiaries will operate under a single identity – ‘Baloise’. All other brand names will be discontinued as part of the rebranding process.

“2022 is set to be a historic year for Baloise. As we begin Season 2 of our Simply Safe strategy, we are using this new starting point as an opportunity to reposition Baloise as a brand. We have invested a great deal in our culture and our services over recent years, and our branding now needs to be brought into line with the evolution of the company. As the name of our strategy suggests, we want our customers to feel ‘simply safe’, and the idea is for this to be more tangibly reflected in our products and services and our group-wide brand. That is why all national subsidiaries will be operating under a single ‘Baloise’ brand in the future.” – Group CEO Gert De Winter.

Gert De Winter further explained the essence of the new branding: “We want our new brand to show how we are continually evolving and diversifying our core business. We are finding new methods and solutions that will enable us to take even better care of our customers. When it comes to insurance and financial matters, we choose a personal approach. Because for us, life is about caring, about reliability, loyalty and trust.  And as an inspiring partner to our counterparts, we want them to thrive and to enjoy their lives–while we got their backs. So here we are, one unified company, proud of the past and excited about the future. And ready to actively shape it.”

Bottom Line: Baloise is bringing together all employees, all countries and all companies – namely, Basler Versicherungen, Baloise Bank SoBa, Baloise Asset Management, Bâloise Assurances, Basilese Assicurazioni and Baloise Insurance – under one umbrella and under one brand. However, it negelected to mention its digital subsidary FRIDAY that’s making car insurance more environmentally friendly and is possibly the inspiration behind Lemonade Car and its ‘plant a tree’ initiative.