NowCerts acquires 20 Miles

Insurance agency management system provider NowCerts has acquired 20 Miles , a San Francisco-based commercial insurance CRM company.

“AI and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) are increasingly becoming mainstream in helping insurance agents manage their daily workflows. With the addition of, new Fusion Automation Center to Nowcerts, we will continue to add new AI and RPA capabilities that result in significant productivity gains across all parts of the Nowcerts platform (AMS, Rater, CRM).”

According to the press release, the acquisition is expected to generate significant value for clients of NowCerts. The integration of NowCerts’ Agency Management system with 20 Miles Inc’s specialized workflow automation technology will provide a “seamless, end-to-end workflow automation solution for insurance professionals.” Clients can anticipate greater efficiency, enhanced customer engagement, and improved business processes.

“Managing prospect and client relationships is key for an insurance agent to build their book of business and grow their agency revenues. By now being part of NowCerts Momentum platform, we will be able to provide these capabilities right where an insurance agent lives, namely in the Agency Management System (AMS).” – Khuram Hussain, CEO of 20 Miles Inc.

The deal has been in the making for a while and the two companies have been working on a new fully integrated workflow automation product which is now being launched as Fusion Automation Center. As part of the acquisition, 20 Miles Inc CEO Khuram Hussain will join NowCerts as the Chief Strategy Officer. The 20 Miles team will join NowCerts and continue to support the development and innovation of the Momentum suite of products.