Neptune Flood partners with Plymouth Rock

Neptune Flood “the first AI driven flood insurance company to provide fast, easy and better flood insurance,” is partnering with auto and home insurance provider Plymouth Rock to offer flood insurance coverage through its network of independent agents as hurricane season approaches.

The Neptune flood policy meets the requirements to be accepted by all banks and has optional enhancements to the historical National Flood Insurance Program policy such as coverage for temporary living expenses, unattached structures, and pool repair and refill.

“We’re proud to partner with Plymouth Rock to provide a complete end-to-end insurance solution for homeowners. Homeowners insurance from Plymouth Rock with flood insurance from Neptune is a powerful combination to protect customers from the approaching hurricane season.” – Trevor Burgess, President, and CEO of Neptune Flood.

“Our platforms are tailored to provide the ultimate customer experience – fast, easy, and customizable to the client, with additional coverage options. We are thrilled to collaborate with Neptune Flood and to leverage their technology to offer our clients a comprehensive insurance solution to better protect their homes from flooding.” – Bill Martin, President, and CEO of Plymouth Rock Home Insurance Group.

Bottom Line: counting partner #3.