Nationwide shuts down Anew

According to a message displayed on its site, “Anew is packing up and joining forces with a new digital home guidance platform by Nationwide.”

As background, the virtual home repair service was established in 2020 and launched by Nationwide a year later.

Originally, Anew offered a home troubleshooting service starting at $19.99 for a phone call with an expert who could diagnose the issue. Eventually, these ‘assessment calls’ were offered for free. Following the call, the expert provided a written summary, including recommended next steps and an estimated price range for the work, if applicable. Users were also able to receive a list of local repair companies that can help with the job.

That was then:

This is now:

It appears that switching from a fee-based to a free service did not satisfy Nationwide’s aims. Despite having reached 600+ homeowners through the program, it is now concluding current journey and beginning a new one.

This time around, the Home Journey Guide promises personalized home projects, expert repair advice and prioritized planning. Users can take action by uploading their home inspection report to see where Home Journey Guide can take them. “With Home Journey Guide, you get a tool that will not only prioritize your projects — but help you make decisions on how to improve your home as both the place you live and as an investment.”

Bottom Line: Don’t be quick to act if you’re quick to give up. As an aside, we researched this topic extensively.