Beyond Insurance

An analysis of initiatives from A3 Smart Home to Zing

FWD Group recently launched a lifestyle app called omne that is “designed to help people celebrate living through tools that foster micro-habits and achieve daily goals.” That’s good news. 

Progressive filed a trademark application for the term “Ello Money,” which is defined as a credit and loan service, specifically providing personal loans and lines of credit. That’s neutral news. 

Allianz has discontinued its financial wellness app Heymoney after investing millions in the app and employing 30 people. That may be bad news. 

This third report titled ‘Beyond Insurance’ covers the strategy that is ‘moving beyond insurance’ now that several carriers have battled with and given up on the projects we previously examined.

From Side Projects to Startups05
A Brief Overview07
Bird’s-eye View24
With 100 Years Behind28
The 21st Century29

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