Nationwide partners with

Nationwide has created a centralized data science team that has built a unique, patented Model Factory to monitor all of their AI and ML models for all parts of their business. This team provides models related to customer churn, customer retention, call routing, risk segmentation, business segmentation, fraud, underwriting, customer expansion, customer 360, and more. The team has run over 500 thousand model instantiations and has generated over 25 billion model scores in the last decade.

“ provides us the power and flexibility we need to solve business problems with machine learning. We are able to do more with less and do it faster. Our results are proof of the power of AI in action. Working with platforms allows us to quickly provide stable, statistically unbiased models that we can trust in our production environment. Our bilingual data science team also appreciates that they can use either R or Python for development which allows for rapid model creation.” – Shannon Terry, Vice President, Predictive Analytics at Nationwide.

“Nationwide anticipates and solves problems for its customers and is there for them financially when and where they need protection. H2O’s AI platform makes it faster, cheaper and easier to scale models on Nationwide data and to personalize their offerings and to mitigate risk at a fraction of the cost,” said Sri Ambati, CEO and Founder at “Underwriting, customer retention, better call routing and fraud prevention are just some of the use cases in an undoubtedly transformative partnership between Nationwide and”