Nationwide Launches SmartMiles

Nationwide has launched SmartMiles, pay-per-mile auto insurance coverage.



Currently available in Illinois with plans to roll out in additional states throughout 2019, SmartMiles consists of two rates: a base rate and a per-mile rate. After signing up, customers receive a device that plugs into the car, which allows them to track their mileage and monthly payments online, along with the option to receive a 10% “safe driving behavior discount.” The company also has a solution for multiple-car households, allowing customers to select a custom insurance policy for each vehicle.

“SmartMiles was developed to provide a program that allows our customers the freedom to control their auto insurance expenses based on how much they drive and how safe they drive. Whereas most insurance companies’ mileage-based insurance programs look only at miles driven, Nationwide’s SmartMiles telematics program takes many factors into account, creating a more personalized offering, which is revolutionary to the auto insurance industry.” – AVP Personal Lines Product Development at Nationwide, Teresa Scharn.