Munich Re Digital Partners Picks Up Another Ridesharing Platform


UK-based ridesharing platform Drover is announcing its collaboration with Munich Re Digital Partners to launch a car insurance product for fleet owners and ridesharing drivers. Established in 2015, Drover allows Uber and minicab drivers to rent PCO cars by the week, while allowing vehicle owners to make extra cash when they are not using their cars. It last posted on Facebook on March 3, and on Twitter it enjoys 487 followers at a ratio of ‘for every Twitter account that it follows, ~6 accounts follow back’. Also, according to SimilarWeb, there isn’t enough data to report site traffic.



Point is, perhaps Munich Re Digital Partners (MRDP) isn’t in this for the money? Or perhaps Slice (think: on-demand ridesharing insurance platform that has partnered with MRDP) was feeling lonely.