“More Coverage Than a Kardashian”

Johannesburg-based insurance intermediary Granadilla (think: party of 5) has introduced South Africa’s first daily on-demand insurance for cyclists starting at R1 a day.

Two types of coverages are offered. One. “Get Me Home” to protect against mechanical failure, e.g. if a policyholder is stuck with a puncture, he/she can grab an Uber, send receipt and all expenses will be covered. Two. “Hijack”; as it sounds.


“Granadilla was founded to help solve a broken industry. One that’s full of mistrust; is complicated and expensive; marred by fraud; lacks empathy and isn’t transparent and, ultimately, represents what’s very much, a grudge purchase. We’ve pushed the boundaries by offering very slick, easy and cheap insurance for gadgets and travel. Today we’re advancing that boundary further by offering fully-flexible, per-day cover for the ever-growing cycling community in South Africa.” – Granadilla founder and CIO Jonathan Walker.

// Celebrating little milestones because from little things big things grow: