Granadilla’s app is no longer available

When visiting Granadilla’s website, visitors are greeted with the question, “Do things at Granadilla look different to you?”

the Johannesburg-based company was launched in 2018 to offer fresh and cheeky smartphone and gadget insurance with “more coverage than a Kardashian” but not “better than Brad Pitt.”

The main change is that the startup removed the availability of its mobile app. Also, it seems it stopped offering travel and bike insurance.

“Since February 2021 you may have started seeing some interesting changes here on First, we got a swanky new look, improved the website and introduced a back-end that allows you to transact freely from any device – no APP needed. That’s why we said goodbye to the APP on the 1st of April.”

Speaking of goodbyes, founder and CEO Jonathan Walker is no longer working at the company (as of 2020).

Policies are underwritten by South African insurer Bryte Insurance Company.

Bottom Line: Policygenius comes to mind (missing its app).