MOL Group Launches LIMO Carsharing Service Powered by Vulog

MOL Group, a leading integrated Central and East European oil and gas corporation, has unveiled its new car sharing service MOL LIMO, in partnership with Vulog.



The fleet, which is comprised of 300 Volkswagen Up and e-Up cars, is deployed on a free-floating basis in ten districts of Budapest, Hungary. This allows users to pick up and leave their cars at convenient locations of their choosing, enabling multi-modal trips in conjunction with public transport and bike sharing.


By 2020, MOL plans to double the number of cars in its fleet in Budapest, expand to all of Hungary, and eventually migrate to operating a fully electric fleet – in line with the development of the country’s EV infrastructure.


The technology powering MOL Limo is provided by Vulog. The company’s SaaS platform includes all the services essential to a shared mobility project, whether the project utilizes cars or scooters. Currently, Vulog technology solutions manage more than 10 million carsharing trips each year and make up the technological heart of many mobility services. Clients include both companies in the mobility industry and non-traditional players. Vulog has several projects and partners around the world including Evo in Vancouver (the largest independent operator in North America, with 1,250 vehicles), emov in Madrid (600 electric vehicles operated by PSA and Eysa with more than 150,000 users), GreenMobility in Copenhagen (450 electric vehicles), as well as numerous other services in Europe, North America, South America and Oceania.


“It brings us great pride to partner with MOL on this project. We think that MOL is a prime example of a company from outside of the mobility industry, who recognizes the changing market, and is evolving to help steer the future of shared mobility in Hungary. Shared mobility services bring a unique opportunity for oil and gas companies to embrace the emerging electric mobility market and help them further engage with customers. We look forward to furthering our partnership with MOL and assisting in bringing their plans for a fully electric fleet into reality.” explains Vulog CEO, Grégory Ducongé.