Volkswagen Launches Electric Car-Sharing Operation in Berlin

Volkswagen has introduced ‘WeShare’ in Berlin; the largest electric vehicle car-sharing service powered by mobility technology provider Vulog.

WeShare is an app-based service that allows users to access a fleet of electric Volkswagen cars from their smartphones on an instant ‘free-floating’ basis – meaning they can begin and end their journeys at locations of their choice across Berlin.

The scheme makes its debut in the German capital, but Volkswagen will soon launch WeShare in several more cities, including Prague, Hamburg and across Europe.

“We are proud to support one of the world’s leading carmakers for its entry into the fast-growing carsharing market. WeShare is going to drastically change the way people move in Berlin, and allow urban users to engage with e-mobility. All carmakers have this incredible opportunity in front of them to transform urban mobility by deploying large shared electric fleets into our cities where sustainable mobility has become a top priority. With its huge flagship project in Berlin, Volkswagen is clearly leading the movement. By leveraging the advanced capabilities of our AiMA platform, VW benefits from a highly scalable and flexible solution that will not only allow them to grow quickly but also bring a truly unique experience to the end user.” – Vulog CEO Gregory Ducongé.

Vulog’s provides the software platform that integrates and connects various critical functions that enable car sharing schemes to operate smoothly. From vehicle scheduling and fleet management to payment processing and parking registration services, the real-time data-driven technology stack delivers a seamless, responsive service to users and operators.