Moderna Starts With Brand Awareness

Swedish insurer Moderna is collaborating with Stroller AB, a company established in 2017 to develop apps and other products related to parenting. The Idea – gain visibility in the startup’s Preggers app, which allows prospective parents to follow their pregnancy, learn of relevant information and enjoy access to useful tools. Fun Fact: the app illustrates the size of the baby with a new fruit or vegetable every week.



Later, the insurer plans to gain visibility via the Stroller app, a platform for prospective and new parents who want to find and stay in touch with other parents nearby. “Every download of the app is valuable to us, even if it does not directly lead to a new insurance agreement, as it contributes to brand awareness for [Moderna]” – Account Manager at Moderna, Charlotta Weithz . Bottom Line: indirect is the new direct.