Microsoft partners with At-Bay

Microsoft is announcing a new partnership with At-Bay . Beginning Oct. 1, businesses in the United States that use Microsoft 365 are eligible for savings of up to 15% on their At-Bay cyber insurance policy premiums if they implement specific security controls and solutions, including multifactor authentication and Microsoft Defender for Office 365.

Microsoft is also actively working with At-Bay to identify additional ways to improve the digital risk exposure of its customers and proactively address vulnerabilities. This offer will be available through At-Bay’s broker community and available for customers using any version of Microsoft 365.

At-Bay isn’t Microsoft’s first cyber insurance partner. In 2019, the company announced a collaboration of the same nature with AXA XL and Slice. This partnership didn’t last.

“An insurance policy is an effective tool to articulate the impact of cybersecurity choices on the financial risk of a company. By offering better pricing to companies that implement stronger controls, we help them understand what matters in security and how best to reduce risk. Working with Microsoft enables us to educate customers on the powerful security controls that exist within Microsoft 365 and reward them for adopting those controls.” – Rotem Iram, co-founder and CEO of At-Bay.

“For cyber insurance to play a meaningful role in overall risk management, buyers and sellers need the benefit of data and clear visibility into what is covered and factors either minimizing or multiplying risk exposure. Microsoft’s partnership with At-Bay brings important clarity and decision-making support to the market as organizations everywhere seek a comprehensive way to empower hybrid workforces with stronger, centralized visibility and control over cloud applications boosting security and productivity.” – Ann Johnson, Microsoft’s Corporate Vice President of Security, Compliance & Identity Business Development.