MassMutual launches Advisor360°

MassMutual has launched the Advisor360° platform, through which a client’s financial investments and protection portfolio can be accessed and viewed. The platform brings together financial protection and investment product portfolios and enables financial professionals to prepare for client reviews with a single click, versus manually compiling reports.

“Spanning centuries, financial professionals have had many reasons to choose to affiliate with MassMutual, including our continued commitment and investment to support them in helping their clients secure their future and protect the ones they love in a fast-paced, ever-changing world. Our ability to invest in ways that help their businesses thrive and deliver meaningful value to clients is what sets MassMutual apart. This is a game changer for MassMutual, financial professionals associated with us, and their clients.” – John Vaccaro, head of MassMutual financial advisors.

“It has been an incredible journey to get to where we are today, delivering something that the industry has never experienced before. The enhanced Advisor360° platform enables financial professionals affiliated with MassMutual to deliver value to their clients at a very different level than their peers. The system allows them to become a ‘personal CFO’ for their clients through a consolidated view of everything that has financial impact on a client’s life, including accounts and policies that they do not directly manage, allowing them to more seamlessly provide guidance and deliver positive outcomes for their clients.” – Darren Tedesco, president of Advisor360°.

Through the Advisor360° platform, configurable client dashboards can be created by users, enabling a simpler view into progress toward goals and increased collaboration with clients. Additionally, tax documents, wills, trusts, and other important items can be stored and accessed in a secured online client portal.