Luko expands to Spain

French home insurance MGA Luko is now available in Spain.

Founded in 2016 in France, Luko’s first initiative was the Luko Home Guardian device, a small box that sticks on the electricity meter to read consumption in real-time. Then, in 2018, the startup announced the launch of a home insurance offering underwritten by Wakam and so far it has had around 150,000 customers purchase its coverae. Its latest product launch – ‘Doctor House’ – is a free home-checkup service via teleconsultation, professional advice, and support tutorials.

It has secured $85 million, has over 100 employees, and to celebrate this occasion, it’s offering a €20 Amazon voucher, or 2 months of Luko Insurance to every homeowner or renter in Spain in exchange for 5 minutes of their time sharing feedback on the product and the onboarding process.

Bottom Line: Luko’s strategy lies at the crossroads of policies and perks and moving beyond insurance as it offers home repair and renovation services.