Lockton Affinity partners with Limit

Lockton Affinity has partnered with digital brokerage platform Limit to power cyber and “other commercial insurance placements” for its network of small and midsize clients.

Limit recently introduced its Bridge product, which allows insurance brokers to instantly quote commercial lines with their appointed carriers in one application.

“We think Bridge is an absolutely transformative technology: Lockton Affinity uses our proprietary digital platform to leverage their own direct carrier relationships, as the broker of record. Limit also has an expert wholesale brokerage division with access to another fifty markets to assist, if needed, to get the deal done right.” – Shea McNamara, head of sales, Limit.

“At Lockton Affinity, we handle incredible volumes of micro and small company commercial programs across the US. We see the great potential of digital transformation for our business as well as insurance brokerages everywhere, and we’re excited to take a step forward with Limit Bridge. This is a game changer for our profitability, speed, and service by empowering our brokers.” – Jeff Severino, SVP, Lockton Affinity.