Apollo Brokers is now Limit

Apollo Brokers, a California-based digital wholesale brokerage, has rebranded to Limit and acquired the limit.com domain name.

Founded in 2020, the startup raised ~$14 million last month according to Crunchbase data, and it recently launched its Cyber Marketplace, a fully digital storefront offering cyber security and monitoring solutions for retail brokers.

Limit offers cyber, tech E&O, and soon misc E&O coverage, and it claims to partner with over 40 carriers.

“Rebranding marks a moment to celebrate. Since we started transacting policies a year and a half ago, we’ve been empowering brokers all over the country to find better coverage at lower prices in less time. During that time, we’ve spent many hours trying to find the right brand identity for ourselves. Ultimately, the word Limit stands out to us not just because it represents such a core concept in insurance, but also because the products we sell and services we provide all limit risks and costs of many forms. Whether you’re a carrier limiting your underwriting expenses by utilizing digital distribution or a broker limiting the risk exposure of your client, we’re here to help.” – Limit.