Life360 Acquires PathSense Team and IP

Life360 announced a deal with PathSense, where all of their employees will join the Life360 team, and Life360 has licensed the PathSense IP. San Diego-based PathSense offers a software developer kit available for iOS and Android that provides location accuracy through sensor fusion and internal navigation.

“The PathSense technology, and the team’s expertise in utilizing all of the sensors available on smartphones in a unique way, provides our users with a world-class car crash detection and response system. This ensures we fulfill our vision to make every family member a safer driver and be there for them when accidents happen” – cofounder and CTO of Life360, Alex Haro.

Founded in 2008, Life360 is a location and driving safety service for families available for Android and iPhone. As the largest source of family driving data in the world, it provides safety insights around driving behavior to better protect family members on the go via location sharing, day-to-day communications, driver updates, emergency response features, and more. It has raised $76M in venture capital and is headquartered in San Francisco.


Life360 provides a crash response system that automatically detects when a car accident occurs and calls the person involved. If they need immediate assistance, Life360 will dispatch emergency services to their exact location and stay on the line until help arrives. Life360 also notifies emergency contacts so that even in the worst situation, everyone is notified in real-time. This feature is part of the Driver Protect subscription service that also includes information on driving habits such as speed and phone usage.

PathSense will continue to operate as its own corporation, servicing existing and looking to bring on new clients in the San Diego office.