LearnVest is Back

Following LearnVest’s announcement that it’s discontinuing its financial planning offering with a plan to relaunch “as a fresh, digital resource focused on educating consumers on to meet their financial goals”, the NYC-based, Northwestern Mutual-backed startup is back.



LearnVest has relaunched as a “free financial education” site, marking the beginning of its new role as a content generator, replacing online tools and financial planning offering with a twice-a-week newsletter featuring “handpicked” articles.


“Managing your finances can be complicated and stressful. After all, your money doesn’t come with a manual. And that’s exactly why we’re here. At LearnVest, we believe money should be a source of strength (not stress) no matter how much you have or where you’re starting from. We’re here to educate and empower you so you can start off right and achieve your goals – whether you want to take a dream vacation, put a down payment on your first home or start planning for retirement. Helping people along their financial journey has been our mission since LearnVest was founded by Alexa von Tobel in 2009. We quickly became a disruptive player in the personal finance space through our innovative technology and ability to demystify finances.” – LearnVest About page.


Bottom Line: “Bahahaha!”