Kudo is live

Car insurance MGA Kudo Insurance is now live in the UK.

We first covered the London-based company in early 2020. Formerly known as YouToggle, it planned to offer car insurance in a similar fashion to how Root Insurance  offers car insurance in the US – by asking prospects to take a test drive that measures how good of a driver they are, and if they are good enough, they will get a car insurance quote; “we’ll give proven safe drivers a quote that reflects how they drive.”

Here are some additional details now that the company has moved from ideation to execution: Customers can earn Koins as they show off how they drive over a roughly two-week period. And if they conquer the Kudo Challenge, they will get “a great quote” that reflects their driving behavior. However, not everyone who passes the challenge is guaranteed a quote. “If your car’s particularly pricey, or you live in a particularly high-risk area, we may not be able to quote you. In time, we’ll fix that though – so everyone can benefit from proving they’re a safe driver.”

Bottom Line: Only available via the App store .