Klinc expands to life insurance

Klinc , the digital brand of Zurich Seguros, has expanded to offer life insurance. “Klinc is the 100% digital life insurance that has come to change everything you thought you knew about insurance. Simply contact your personalized insurance and manage it from our app. With the best coverage and the best price.”

Zurich initially launched Klinc in 2018 to offer on-demand insurance for consumer products that can be easily activated or deactivated, however, that kind of value proposition has a short shelf life considering Trov’s pivots and Back Me Up which is no longer live.

On the other hand, Santam Insurance didn’t get the memo as it recently partnered and invested in Johannesburg-based JaSure . “JaSure’s offering is app based and provides on-demand insurance for portable possessions like cellphones and laptops, photography, bicycles, other sports gear, eyewear, camping equipment and musical instruments. Insurance can be purchased for an individual item for a specific period of time, and the cover can be turned on and off at the client’s discretion.”