KBC is Going Beyond

KBC, the Belgium-based bank-insurer is allowing users of its mobile app to buy Belgian train tickets directly from the app. In collaboration with Olympus Mobility, a B2B company which combines various public and other forms of transportation, KBC customers in Belgium can use their banking app to buy train tickets, along with checking train services in real-time.

Buying train tickets isn’t the only non-banking feature available via the KBC app – in February, the company announced a partnership with 4411 to allow users to pay for parking, and it also partnered with Monizze to allow users to check the balance of their meal and eco vouchers.

“We aim to maintain our leading role as a financial services provider and to continue giving our customers the best possible user experience by providing additional, value-added services. This includes adopting an open approach to partnerships both in and beyond our industry in order to encourage innovation and develop new, customer-friendly services together. Our ultimate goal is to enable them to use our mobile banking app for other day-to-day things in life – without having to clutter up their phones with multiple apps. Making their life easier is what it’s all about.” – General Manager, Digital Transformation at KBC, Karin Van Hoecke.

Bottom Line: Go beyond or stay behind.