Jewelers Mutual Launches JM Care Plan

Jewelers Mutual has recently introduced its JM Care Plan, a program for US-based retail jewelers “designed to increase store revenue while strengthening service levels and jeweler-customer relationships.”


JM Care Plan covers damage from normal wear on watch and jewelry items, providing benefits not included in a typical manufacturer’s warranty. With both jewelry and watch plans to select from, the plan provides repair or replacement benefits that complement a customer’s purchase and helps keep their item in like-new condition. “We’re thrilled to bring this exciting opportunity to jewelry and watch retailers across the country. After listening to our independent jewelers who wanted to offer a care plan to differentiate their business and remain competitive with national chain jewelers, we’re confident the introduction of JM Care Plan fulfills those unmet needs” – VP of sales, Jewelers Mutual Group, Mark Devereaux.


Here’s how it works: customer purchases jewelry, customer purchases coverage at the same time she purchases jewelry, customer files for a claim in the event of a broken earring with receipt as proof of purchase. Fine Print: “The JM Care Plan is only available through participating jewelers. When you purchase your jewelry, ask your jeweler if they carry our plan.” Also, “Ask your jeweler for pricing details.” That’s a lot of asking.