Introducing The Rhino API

Last week, NYC-based security deposit alternative Rhino introduced its API.

“Over the course of the two years we’ve been building Rhino, we’ve met with numerous listings platforms, brokerage firms, property management system operators, landlords, renters, and software developers, and eventually arrived at a list of what is now 84 product integration requests.”

Developers will be able to add deposit-free search tools to their listing platforms or agent dashboards, receive inbound leads from prospective renters, track applicants in real-time through the Rhino enrollment process, or view information about their enrolled tenants.

One early adaptor is Igluu, a NYC centric residential platform, established in 2013. It now added the ability to allow renters to search strictly for deposit free apartments using Rhino’s API.

This too is Igluu:

One last thing. Igluu is no stranger to Insurent and Lemonade.