Introducing Poncho Insurance

Australian insurer IAG has recently launched a personal lines insurance brand called ROLLiN .

Founded in 2019, Poncho currently offers car insurance on a monthly basis with no cancellation fees. Coverage is offered for multiple vehicles and multiple drivers and both cars and drives can be added or removed on a monthly basis.

“We’re backed by Australia’s largest general insurance Group, so you don’t just need to take our mum’s word that we know what we’re doing (thanks though, Mum). You can see from our history (160 years in the biz and millions of customers covered #humblebrag) that we’ve had practice at this. You don’t have to wait until the cows come home to get someone to pick up the phone and lodge your claim. We’ll just get Kay-who-sits-near-the-coffee-machine onto it stat, and Dan-down-the-hallway to process the claim, and there’ll be no wuckas.”

Get a feel for the flow below (transparent it isn’t).

According to its website, pay as you drive insurance is part of its roadmap.

Bottom Line: here’s hoping it has better luck than the other Poncho Insurance.