Introducing HUB Drive Online

HUB International launched its HUB Drive Online, a digital dashboard for transportation clients to have a single view of driving performance. Select features include the ability to integrate insurance claims, obtain insurance quotes, train and educate drivers and track their certifications.

“HUB Drive Online is a digital resource to improve overall management and ensure regulatory compliance for transportation carriers. It eases the process of calculating costs per mile in real time and gives carriers the ability to better troubleshoot risks. HUB’s Transportation practice is dedicated to modernizing and automating the entire transportation company experience from onboarding shippers and drivers and tracking routes, to securing insurance quote and recording claims to help our clients transform and better manage their costs for doing business.” – Lisa Paul, Chief Strategy Officer of HUB’s Transportation Specialty.

Bottom Line: HUB transportation clients may have received their complimentary login and sign-up instructions by now.