Introducing HODINKEE Insurance

HODINKEE, the preeminent resource for all things watches, announces the formation of HODINKEE Insurance Agency which has a new offering that allows users to insure their watch collections online with Chubb, the world’s largest publicly traded property and casualty insurance company. HODINKEE Insurance is designed for the 21st century consumer; taking the complexity out of insurance, streamlining the process and eliminating paperwork, and providing its customers peace of mind knowing that their watches are fully protected through two of the most trusted names in their respective industries.

A game-changer in the way consumers can insure their watches, HODINKEE Insurance does away with the pain points that can make obtaining insurance for watches difficult. With HODINKEE Insurance, depending upon the watch’s value, there is generally no need for independent appraisals, original sales receipts, or speaking with an agent to obtain a quote and policy.

From either the HODINKEE app on an Apple or Android device or a computer, the process to insure one or more watches can be completed in just a few steps, which include providing basic contact information, information about the watches to be insured, and a photo of the watch. Depending on the amount of the premium, customers will have an option to pay the total up front or to split the cost into two payments. There is no deductible. Also included is “inflation protection” coverage meaning that a customer is covered up to 150% of the watch value up to the policy limit, if the watch appreciates in value.

“How to keep your collection safe is an important part of watch collecting. However, the process of obtaining insurance on the collection can often be time consuming for a single watch, let alone for an entire collection,” says Eneuri Acosta, HODINKEE Chief Operating Officer. “Our goal was to create a product that is easy to use. We thought about every barrier to create a platform that instills trust and enables individuals to insure their timepieces in a way that is quick, convenient, and secure.”

HODINKEE Insurance also makes managing your timepieces and insurance policy easier than ever. Once a customer has signed up, a digital profile is created, where they can access all the information pertinent to their insurance policy as well as watches that have been uploaded to their user profile, both insured and uninsured. From there a customer can add or remove a watch from the policy, download their digital paperwork, and file a claim if needed.

“At Chubb, we are always looking for ways to do more for our clients,” said Fran O’Brien, Division President, North America Personal Risk Services. “That’s why we are excited to partner with HODINKEE to deliver best-in-class watch coverage to those who passionately pursue these timeless pieces.” Available to U.S. residents in all 50 states with insurance underwritten by Chubb, HODINKEE Insurance offers worldwide coverage, providing peace of mind no matter where customers find themselves. HODINKEE Insurance Agency, LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of HODINKEE, Inc.