Introducing Fairmatic

Meet Fairmatic:

Fairmatic is the first true performance-priced commercial auto insurance that rewards safe driving. It’s re-priced monthly based on your drivers’ safe performance, and gives you real-time visibility into each one’s unsafe driving behaviors. As your fleet improves their safety scores, you could see your rate go down every month.” Here’s How It WorksFairmatic looks at (1) the number of vehicles in a fleet, (2) the miles driven, and (3) how safely a fleet actually drives when calculating insurance premiums. Its technology – powered by Zendrive– sits on a driver’s existing phone and measures a driver’s risky behaviors, such as phone use, excessive speeding, aggressive acceleration, and hard braking, to later use the data to generate a safety score. Later, Fairmatic will analyze drivers’ driving over time to recalculate the insurance premium on a monthly basis. Last, Fairmatic is offered through ZD Insurance Services, the surplus lines broker-slash- affiliate of Zendrive and coverage is underwritten by specialty insurer FairCo.