Introducing Bivvy Pet Insurance

Meet Bivvy:

The Madison-based pet insurance and wellness provider is an initiative by CUMIS Insurance Society (CUNA Mutual Group). It launched to offer pet insurance for “just” $10 per month for any pet, regardless of age, size, gender, or breed. “Plus, your cost won’t go up just because you make a claim.” There is, however, a $2,000 payout limit a year. For reference, Figo’s Essential package offers $5,000 in coverage with most plans averaging less than $1.50 a day.

Bivvy also offers a wellness package for an extra $9 a month to reimburse customers directly for select routine expenses such as shots, checkups, and tests.

Get a feel for the flow below.

Bottom Line: Facebook reviews range from “way better options out there, don’t waste your time here” to “we started our policy in January 2020 and our dogs had an accident with his dew claw last week which necessitated surgery. Huge unexpected expense but Bivvy made it so easy!!”