InsureScan launches Alabama-based agency

MGA InsureScan has launched its first car insurance program in Alabama. InsureScan’s mobile platform allows Agents to quote and bind policies faster and easier.

InsureScan’s development team has designed the entire quote-to-bind process to be the most efficient and user-friendly mobile platform possible.

“Our mission is to provide the most thorough front-end underwriting possible to reduce loss ratio. Being an insurance guy, underwriting profit is paramount. We use innovative technology and incredible amounts of data to achieve underwriting profit more efficiently. InsureScan brings the insurance business out of the 1980s and into the 21st century. Other companies are going around the insurance agent trying to save on marketing. Agents do their own marketing and know their markets. They coach our kids in ball, go to church with us, and live in our neighborhoods. We provide insurance agents with our patented technology, allowing them the hyper-efficiency to sell policies anytime/anywhere. In today’s world, the consumer experience is everything, followed by more accurate data. We provide both. But the insurance business is built on relationships. Agents provide those relationships.” – Mark Chappell, Founder, and CEO of InsureScan.

InsureScan also recently entered into a General Agency agreement with Buckle to support its drivers. The company is underwriting automobile insurance policies using Gateway Insurance, one of Buckle’s insurance carriers, as the admitted carrier.

Bottom Line: Digital pundits with a love for people will rationalize the use of independent agents with ‘it’s a relationship-business’ followed by ‘advocacy’. And yet, insurance = contract = law, and the law is a precise endeavor. This is precisely why, when education and transparency go up, advocacy goes down and so will the need for insurance agents.