InMyBag is Sold Out

London-based InMyBag  is sold out. Have a look:


Let’s Back Up. The Hambro Perks-backed startup has officially launched in Feb. 2017 to offer protection against loss of devices and/or data. “Have you ever lost your phone in the pool? Spilled coffee on your laptop while working on the train? InMyBag is an insurtech company that replaces your device and secures your data wherever you are in the world within 24hrs.”

In July 2017, ex-CEO Iain Harper left the company after approximately one year and 7 months. Gustav Holst Stuge took over. Btw, according to LinkedIn, InMyBag is a team of ~3.

Then, in Jan. 2018, it announced a crowdfunding campaign seeking £500,000. “I spent 20 years at Bain & Co. and observed that insurance companies lack an essential ingredient – love. InMyBag has already demonstrated that it can earn the love of its customers by being there at their time of greatest needs” – Chairman Christopher Hopton.

Bottom Line: Tina Turner comes to mind.