In The Spirit of Mental Health Awareness Month, Meet Monsenso

Copenhagen-based Monsenso is a healthtech startup launched in 2013 that develops mobile health solutions for those suffering from mental disorders. To put in context: according to WHO, some 300 million people are affected by depression worldwide. And only ~10% of folks receive adequate treatment. That’s the world Monsenso operates in and here’s how. The startup offers a platform that allows both monitoring and treatment and mental patients. First, patients receive a smartphone app. The app collects all sorts of data like whether patients remembered to take their meds?, how many hours of sleep did they get?, have they been socializing with others? smartphone usage…etc. The app also provides a daily self assessment that ultimately feeds the Monsenso score. This is where care givers come into the picture. They too receive access to the platform that allows for real time exchange of patients’ data and overview of their health. In turn, they can recommend treatment, send encrypted messages and even enjoy the capability of receiving warning triggers. Monsenso has raised $229K since inception and has recently announced a partnership with Gen Re. “The objective of this partnership is to promote the use of mHealth technology among insurance companies.  With this technology, their customers can get better faster by receiving better mental health care, while reducing costs at the same time” – Monsenso CEO Thomas Lethenborg. Bottom Line: a better place, one smartphone at a time.



PS. Same Gen Re that just announced a partnership with Sherpa.