Gen Re and PAI Health take strategic partnership to next level

Last year, Gen Re announced a partnership with PAI Health , a company offering a way to track one’s body response to exercise and the associated health benefits, while providing insights on the exercise efforts. Now, the companies are announcing they’re taking the partnership to the next level after spending 18 months to tailor the PAI proposition for the insurance sector.

PAI Health, based in Canada, is known for its biometric sensing and algorithm development with unique data insights rooted in cardiorespiratory fitness. The company’s digital services are based on published research that has demonstrated the effectiveness of the heart rate-based metric called Personal Activity Intelligence (PAI) in recommending personalized activity levels for optimal mortality risk reduction from cardiovascular disease and other lifestyle diseases. PAI helps add extra years of healthy life through personalized guidance on the most beneficial exercise dose by measuring heart beat data and translating it to a PAI Score.


“We meet many insurtech companies with promising ideas but PAI Health stood out from the start due to the scientific rigor behind their solution. We have no doubt about the value PAI holds for the insurance community, both in terms of acquisition and engagement, and ultimately helping consumers lead longer and healthier lives.” – Winfried Heinen, Head of Gen Re Life/Health International.

“The signing of this agreement demonstrates our mutual commitment to bringing PAI Health’s pioneering mHealth technology to insurance. We look forward to working closely with them to build on the momentum already created.” – Vincent DeMarco, Head of Gen Re’s North American Life/Health Division.

“PAI Health’s global strategic partnership with Gen Re comes at the right time as the insurance industry is being challenged by customers to provide digital health solutions that are highly personalised and provide health protection day to day. Gen Re’s global presence combined with our unique solutions makes us ideal partners to co-develop digital insurance solutions that provide significant value to insurers and their policyholders.” – Chief Commercial Officer, PAI Health, Sally Powell.