Home Insurance in Three Minutes

Aviva announced it has reduced its online quote journey for home insurance to three minutes; delivering on its promise of #AskItNever.

Now, applicants are only required to confirm key pieces of information for the insurer to provide a quote, as Aviva will leverage data from Land Registry data; to name one source. Get a feel, below:


“But we’re not stopping at this. Our future aim is cut the number of questions even further and we’re continually looking at ways to innovate. We’ll be applying these principles across other Aviva product and services, including claims, so the experience of dealing with insurers no longer feels like an interrogation. Customers can instead focus on what really matters: identifying what’s important to them and ensuring this is protected” – Owen Morris, digital director at Aviva .

Bottom Line: the concept will be rolled out to other product areas throughout 2018; after all, Aviva does own askitnever.com.