Haven Technologies and Unqork partner to make life insurance more accessible

Today, Haven Technologies and Unqork announced a new partnership to help insurers in the life, annuities and disability industries enable better digital interactions, facilitate core insurance capabilities and integrate with a broader technology infrastructure. The partnership establishes a one-stop-shop for insurers’ digital transformation needs, helping them create end-to-end systems that communicate and function in unison so carriers can finally deliver on a customer experience that meets their policyholders’ expectations.

Haven Technologies and Unqork offer leading expertise in their respective fields. Haven Technologies is an advanced, integrated and cloud-native insurtech platform that allows U.S carriers to leverage its new business, in-force management and product development solutions as their own. Unqork is the leading enterprise no-code platform that helps large companies build, deploy and manage complex applications, all while reducing cost, increasing speed and improving quality.

Through the partnership, Haven Technologies and Unqork will work together to supplement each other’s existing individual offerings and capabilities, ensuring shared clients have the most robust insurance platform. Working side-by-side with shared clients, Haven Technologies will focus on providing back-end solutions via their SaaS model, including the support of client’s new business, underwriting, policy administration and actuarial components. Unqork will help customers build front-end digital interactions, primarily involving distribution (agent/broker portals, eApps) and customer servicing (engagement & direct to consumer sales, customer portal and self-serve).

“Haven Technologies and Unqork have a shared vision–making life insurance more accessible and available. By partnering together, we can bring the best of our respective technology to help insurers deliver a simplified digital experience, reform complex advisor-driven businesses and launch new products with ease,” said Ayan Sarkar, Chief Revenue Officer of Haven Technologies.

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