Half of Employees Are Self-Taught About Financial Matters

“My wife” – one user’s response to the question “What are your top sources of information when it comes to personal finance?” . Other responses include: “family”, “website, financial advisors and work”, and “certain apps like Mint”.


According to Lincoln Financial Group’s 2017 Employee Benefits Study, many employees say they are self-taught when it comes to financial matters, whether money or benefits. Fifty percent of employees say they learned about investing on their own or they never formally learned about it at all. The findings led Lincoln Financial to produce a new video and provide three tips to help educate consumers.


“The start of a new school year is an ideal time for fresh perspective and new commitments. It’s never too late to increase your knowledge base on important topics like retirement planning, college savings and paying down debt. When consumers have a good understanding of these issues, they feel more empowered to make decisions and create a holistic financial plan for their future.” – Colleen Bowler, president and founder of Strategic Wealth Partners and a registered representative of Lincoln Financial Advisors.


Play here.