GuideOne Insurance partners with Azuga

Des Moines-based GuideOne Insurance has partnered with connected vehicle platform Azuga to offer fleet management tools to its commercial auto policyholders. “From under the hood to behind the wheel, Azuga’s telematics data will provide GuideOne policyholders a deeper understanding of their vehicles, driving behavior and overall fleet performance.”

GuideOne policyholders will be offered discounted access to Azuga’s Safety Driven Telematics solution, which includes integrated SafetyCam options, vehicle health reports, driver scoring, and risk improvement features, speeding and distracted driving risk alerts, and much more.

GuideOne is proud to work with Azuga to lower costs and improve the safety and efficiency of our policyholders’ commercial fleets . As the average severity of auto claims continues to rise, it is critical to prioritize the safety of our customers’ drivers and passengers.” – Dave Dietz, Senior Vice President, Core Commercial Lines at GuideOne.

Note that last year, Nationwide partnered with both Azuga and Zubie with the goal of reducing the cost barriers associated with exploring telematics and fleet management solutions for human services organizations.