Azuga partners with ServiceTrade

Azuga has integrated its fleet tracking solution with ServiceTrade , whose application is used by commercial contractors to automate and streamline operations, sell more of their services, and provide customers a convenient online customer experience.

Azuga’s GPS-based fleet tracking solution helps fleet managers keep track of drivers, improve safety and protect their assets by monitoring the location and activities of vehicles in real time. Azuga’s GPS tracker hardware plugs into the OBDII port in each vehicle and captures all vehicle diagnostic data and driver behavior instantly and easily. No upfront costs or installation services are required, and no downtime is needed.

ServiceTrade addresses a number of customer service and operational issues for commercial service contractors. ServiceTrade is used to schedule technician appointments, dispatch technicians for emergency calls, create and deliver quotes for new work, and power an online portal where customers access their service history, review service documents, and submit new service requests. With its open APIs, ServiceTrade connects to various accounting systems to increase invoicing accuracy and reduce double data entry.

The Azuga – ServiceTrade integration offers a variety of benefits to commercial building service contractors, fire protection contractors, mechanical and commercial HVAC companies, etc. For instance:

  • Increased Productivity. Contractors can eliminate manual steps taken by office staff by automatically sending customer notifications when technicians click “En Route” on the ServiceTrade mobile app.
  • Delight Customers. Contractors can provide an Uber-like customer experience via email and/or text notifications that include a link to the technician’s real-time location and time of arrival to the customer’s location.
  • Enhanced Reporting. Service managers can more accurately track when technicians arrive on a job site and when they leave. This data powers custom reports for payroll, job costing and accounting purposes, eliminating hours of report consolidation each week.
  • Integrated Mapping. Dispatchers can view real-time vehicle locations within ServiceTrade’s dashboard. This enables office staff to make quicker and better decisions.