Greater Than partners with MSIG Global Digital Hub on loyalty service

Swedish technology company Greater Than partnered with MSIG Global Digital Hub to provide MSIG Vietnam with AI-based driving analytics attached to an app-based loyalty service.

Through Greater Than’s AI-based risk analysis and loyalty program, the car insurance provider will be able to identify risk groups to calculate existing and future real-time damage costs and new ways to reward customers who drive safely.

“We’re looking forward to launching our loyalty program. As the app comes with entertaining functions, we believe it will increase awareness around safe driving in fun, yet powerful, way.” – Yuichi Takeuchi – Senior Marketing Director, MSIG Vietnam.

The loyalty program, Enerfy Loyalty, comes as a consumer app connected to Greater Than’s cloud-based AI database of risk profiles, that in real-time assess the driving behavior. The service will be launched with an app2car connection to seamlessly connecting the insurance holder in a few clicks to start with driving diagnostics and collection of points in the reward system.

“We at Greater Than are proud to be able to deliver an innovative, customer-centric solution attached to MSIG Vietnam’s existing products on the Vietnamese market, in the mutual aim to increase road safety.” – Liselott Johansson, CEO Greater Than.

Enerfy Loyalty combines an increased customer experience with a new, more profound risk insight that enables the pricing of risky driving behavior at an individual level. Through the app, the driver gets gamified information about his driving in real-time and can directly earn points by driving more safely. The higher the score, the greater the reward. Drivers driving at a higher risk are encouraged to change their behavior. With the end-user in focus, Enerfy Loyalty creates a whole new communication area for insurance companies who want to promote and reward their customers.

The news follows Greater Than’s shift from a D2C business to a B2B model with the ending of its collaboration with Moderna, a Swedish insurer that partnered with the technology company to offer usage-based insurance products directly to businesses online.