Grab Introduces Hitch Club to Reward Everyday Drivers

Grab has announced the beta launch of Hitch Club, a rewards program for its GrabHitch drivers.



Launched in 2015, GrabHitch allows everyday, non-commercial drivers to give fellow riders who are going the same way a lift to offset the cost of their journey. Beginning September 1, drivers will enjoy additional benefits such as rewards, discounts, and cashbacks.


Here’s How It Works: Each GrabHitch driver gets 10 Hitch Club points for every S$1 in fare that they collect. Drivers can also gain multipliers for these points, such as by completing rides on weekends. Based on the number of Hitch Club points collected, GrabHitch drivers will be allocated to one of the four Hitch Club tiers – Rookie, Go-Getter, Pro and Champ – that will determine the benefits they are eligible for. These benefits include cash back on Shell fuel, S$150 cash back for car insurance with Etiqa, and discounts on Chubb’s Travel Pro Enhanced plans, to name three.


“Hitch Club shows our ongoing commitment to better support all drivers on our platform, commercial and non-commercial alike. We recognize that GrabHitch rides are not-for-profit, and want to do more to reward everyday drivers who share our vision for a car-lite society and give fellow commuters a ride. Grab believes that social carpooling is key in helping us better utilise all vehicles and contribute towards a greener future, and is committed to growing Singapore’s carpool culture. Drivers can expect more benefits in the coming months as we work hard to create an even more exciting platform for them.”- Head of Transport, Grab Singapore, Andrew Chan.