Generali Employee Benefits Launches CIAO

Generali Employee Benefits announced the launch of CIAO, a mobile health app designed to help clients promote healthy behaviors within their organizations, encourage employees to improve their overall health and address lifestyle-related illnesses such as obesity, diabetes, stress and heart disease.



Developed in partnership with Tictrac , a UK-based digital health platform, the app is offered free of charge to employers and their workers, and can sync with smartphones, wearables and fitness apps. Key product features include: (1) Monthly challenges – motivating employees to get active by joining in regular challenges. (2) Action plans – employees can commit to healthy lifestyle changes and building healthy behaviors. (3) Articles – employees will see personalized content that’s targeted to their individual needs. (4) Progress monitoring – employees can set personal goals, earning up to 20 reward points a day if goals are achieved.

GEB will make CIAO available to its multinational clients for direct implementation to supplement their own in-house wellness programs, along with making the app available for local implementation to over 100 local insurance partners that do not already have access to such tools.

“CIAO comes in response to a market need for a more affordable way to help local insurance partners expand their support of clients and their employees as they continue to take more control of their own health and wellbeing. This simple and smart health platform motivates employees to achieve their individual wellness goals and lead healthier lives. On the corporate level, the tool can be used to increase employee engagement. I am very proud of this wellness solution as it enables GEB Network partners to help motivate their customers to live better by making healthier choices, bringing value for them and ultimately for society as a whole.” – CEO of Generali Employee Benefits, Sergio Di Caro.