GEICO’s Celebrating 16M Policies

A recent late-night phone call in Tucson propelled GEICO to 16 million policies in force . The record-breaking policy was sold recently at 1:01 a.m. EST by Tucson sales agent Jeremiah Lizarraga to a customer in North Hollywood, Calif.

2017 marks the first time in GEICO’s history that the company has eclipsed two policyholder milestones in the same year. The company sold its 15 millionth policy in January.

Being a GEICO sales agent means fielding customer calls and answering insurance questions around the clock. “Many of the customers that I interact with are savvy shoppers that have a wealth of knowledge about our products. I’m always impressed by their diligence; they research coverage options, compare quotes and ask all the right questions” – Jeremiah Lizarraga.


After selling the 16 millionth policy, Lizarraga stated that he had no clue that GEICO history was made. “One day I returned from lunch and my supervisor was waiting at my desk with the good news,” said Lizarraga. “We started to hi-five each other and everyone was very excited. It took a moment for me to fully grasp what just happened. I’m absolutely stoked that I am a part of something as special as this.”

This isn’t the first time that the Tucson’s office has been involved in a major policyholder milestone. The office sold GEICO’s 11 millionth policy back in 2012. “We are definitely planning something special for 16 million to show associates our thanks and appreciation” – GEICO’s Regional Vice President Martha Furnas.