FRISS and Guidewire Deliver End-to-End Automation of Trust

As a global leading solution for trust automation at P&C insurance carriers, FRISS knows the importance of partnerships and strong ecosystem connections. Guidewire has been one of our longest-standing partners and we’re incredibly pleased to announce that FRISS is a Guidewire PartnerConnect Solution partner, with validated real-time integrations into Guidewire PolicyCenter and Guidewire ClaimCenter, to officially support integrations throughout the full policy lifecycle from underwriting through claims and investigations.

What Trust Automation Looks Like in Guidewire

Because of a few bad apples, the industry used to run on distrust by default. FRISS however wants the focus to be on trust automation instead. This new way of thinking empowers employees to focus on providing fast and reliable services, without burning them out on error-prone, manual tasks. The end-to-end real-time integrations with Guidewire are FRISS’s next step in that pursuit.

No one wants to fixate on fraud when we know that over 95% of claims we encounter are honest. Rather, FRISS wants to help carriers verify the trust they already have for their customers, and automate that process using models, indicators, internal and external data sources, and much more. Guidewire has been able to facilitate that initiative through these following integrations, all for both self-managed and cloud customers.


The FRISS Ready For Guidewire Accelerator for Underwriting Risk Assessment is a PolicyCenter integration. This enables carriers to:

  • facilitates real-time underwriting interactions
  • automatically and consistently screen policies and prospects according to the risk appetite
  • establish a straight-through process while safeguarding a healthy portfolio


The FRISS Add-on for Fraud Detection at Claims is a frictionless integration that supports carriers to:

  • Provide straight–through claims processing for meritorious claims by automating fraud scoring capabilities in real-time within the claim’s workflow;
  • Trigger automated actions (workflows) within ClaimCenter based on a FRISS fraud score
  • Help claims adjusters and investigators focus on suspicious claims and provide support to detect and investigate fraudulent claims.

FRISS is also in the final stage of delivering its Accelerator using the Guidewire Cloud Integration Gateway technology, going live by Q4 2022.


For investigation units, FRISS offers ClaimCenter customers the Case Management Systems Add-on for SIU. This helps carriers to:

  • improve their efficiency and effectiveness
  • remove administrative barriers through automation
  • get more casework accomplished in a shorter timeframe.

Because best practices and procedural requirements are built into the configuration, brand protection and customer service imperatives are maximized during fraud-fighting efforts.

What This Means For Carriers

As a joint customer of both Guidewire and FRISS, insurers have exclusive access to some of the most sought-after technology on the market. Guidewire’s innovative platform combined with FRISS’ unparalleled insights, facilitates reaching a whole new level of efficiency.

But this isn’t just for one part of the policy lifecycle either. From the time an underwriter reviews an application, to a customer’s first FNOL, to their streamlined payment due to automated trust FRISS and Guidewire instantly have your back. Carriers no longer need to question customer honesty. Together, FRISS and Guidewire make the manual, error-prone tasks more efficient and the interactions more effective.

More than 300 implementations in over 45 countries illustrates that FRISS is a frontrunner in the solution provider space. Now, combine that with Guidewire’s renowned core systems and decades of experience, and you’ve got yourself the insurtech dream team.

Make sure to meet the FRISS team in Las Vegas at Guidewire Connections, booth S9.


What would your processes look like if you could instantly trust your customers? Knowing when to trust keeps you in control of your processes – automating as much as possible. FRISS is the leading provider of Trust Automation Solutions for P&C insurers. Their real-time, data-driven scores and insights give instant confidence and understanding of the inherent risks of all customers and interactions.

Based on next generation technology, FRISS allows you to confidently manage trust throughout the insurance value chain – from the first quote all the way through claims and investigations when needed.

Because speed and convenience have altogether redefined what it means to serve consumers, it is time to start building the relationships your customers demand and deserve.

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