FRISS Adds Matthew Rasmussen As VP Of Sales North America

FRISS is ecstatic to announce that Matthew Rasmussen has joined our team as the new VP of Sales, North America. With him comes experience from both Guidewire and Unqork, and a passion for bringing honest insurance to the forefront of every carrier. Matt cites FRISS’ customer retention as one of the main reasons for his joining the team. “I truly appreciate that FRISS has some of the best, if not the best customer retention in the industry. This tells me the team truly cares about their customers and about delivering a quality solution to them.”

“Matt is such a fantastic asset to our FRISS family. Already he has become entwined with the North American team likes he’s been with us for years and his charismatic nature will no doubt lead to an even stronger presence in the US and Canada,” says Jeroen Morrenhof, CEO and Co-Founder of FRISS.

Matthew notes that as carriers begin to implement strategies for improving their tech stack on the billing, claims, and policy administration side, fraud analytics and AI need to be part of that conversation. “Industrywide, carriers have gotten used to fraud loss and we need to change the perception of it being an inevitable evil. Even half of a percent could equate to millions of dollars, the same money that could be used to grow more lines of business, hire more talent, etc. FRISS needs to be a part of that core transformation conversation.”


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