Friday: 15,000 Policyholders in Nine Months

In just nine months since the official launch , Friday has insured over 15,000 cars.

The Berlin-based insurer launched on March, 2017 to offer a paperless and monthly car insurance. In August, it followed with a pay-per-mile scheme, which for the first time integrated a kilometer-accurate and thus fair billing for car insurance. In addition, Friday offers “situational insurance” for short-term additional driver protection.

“In the first year we showed that product innovation combined with a fair price convinced German drivers to change their insurance. An important growth driver besides professional performance marketing are our partners, who digitally integrate or recommend our insurances” – Friday CEO, Dr. Christoph Samwer.


The average age of Friday customers is 45 years. The largest age group are 31 to 40 year olds.


Source: Friday