FOXO Technologies files Form D with the SEC

Minneapolis-based FOXO Technologies  filed its Form D with the SEC in connection to a debt/option round totaling $7 million.

Established in 2016, the company – a team of 25 – is a wholly-owned subsidiary of GWG Holdings that acts as an epigenetic testing company for the life insurance industry – working to find ways to integrate this technology into the underwriting of life insurance policies. Btw, epigenetics is the study of how the DNA molecule’s instructions are translated into the production of proteins that make people unique (think: why some love or hate cilantro).

“Our next-generation underwriting protocol and consumer engagement platform will allow the longevity insurance industry to provide more customized rates based on individual health and wellness, while also incentivizing consumers to make choices that will improve the length and quality of their lives.” Learn more here.