FM Global opens experiential risk management facility in Asia Pacific

FM Global , one of t­he world’s largest commercial and industrial property insurers, opened the company’s first client-centered experiential risk management facility in Asia Pacific, situated in Singapore Science Park. Designed to meet the complex and diverse needs of the Asia-Pacific region, the FM Global Centre aims to empower clients and prospects in the region to protect their assets today while increasing their longer-term resilience.

“The FM Global Centre embodies how businesses can take action to realize the business value of risk improvement and increased resilience,” said Malcolm Roberts, FM Global president and chief executive officer. “With the opportunity for first-hand experience in the science of risk management, companies will be empowered to elevate conversations about risk improvement and can more effectively address the challenges of increasing climate risk as well as growth and infrastructure challenges in the region.”

The FM Global Centre enables organizations to learn about and experience solutions grounded in the company’s scientific research and engineering expertise, not only to protect property and assets, but to keep their businesses going and growing strong. The SGD$80 million, 6-story facility spanning 11,613 square meters houses a series of interactive simulation labs and learning spaces, including an immersive theater that demonstrate how investment in risk improvement can prevent losses and deliver business value. These insights can help organizations make the best decisions to strengthen supply chains, protect owned locations, or locate new facilities and ultimately generate business value. The Centre’s interactive simulation labs have a specific focus on natural hazards, demonstrating how property losses resulting from high-wind events, floods and earthquakes can be prevented through a focus on greater climate resilience. Other experiential areas include material impact testing, flood simulations, and a virtual warehouse simulation to demonstrate the risks posed by natural hazards.

The Centre is also home to the company’s Asia operations. Present in the Asia Pacific region for 50 years and headquartered from Singapore for nearly 40 of these, FM Global has a regional focus on the pharmaceuticals, healthcare and technology manufacturing sectors, as well as supporting the expansion of global clients into Singapore and Asia Pacific.

It is hoped that the FM Global Centre will contribute significantly to Asia Pacific’s growing loss prevention culture and encourage regional businesses to take action in enhancing their resilience. “We are a global business with a strong commitment to improving the resilience of our clients in Singapore and across the region to help them better serve their communities and customers. Our fundamental belief is that the majority of loss is preventable, and the FM Global Centre reflects this combination of engineering and insurance insight,” said Tan Hian Hong, operations senior vice president, operations manager, Asia.

The FM Global Centre, which has incorporated Asian design principles to achieve a harmony with the landscape, was developed by Ascendas-Singbridge, supported by main contractor Nakano, consultant and designer PT Consultants, M&P Consultants JRP, and interior designers Gensler and Cundall. It is built to FM Global’s FM Approved standards and represents one of the most resilient and well-protected buildings in Asia Pacific.