Fiasko Kasko

After a successful pilot phase, Baloise is partnering with Pfister, one of the leading furniture stores in Switzerland.



As part of the partnership, Pfister customers will be able to purchase insurance for their new furniture and enjoy coverage against “flops, failures and fiascos.” Built in collaboration with KASKO , the new insurance – Fiasko Kasko, offers a more comprehensive coverage compared to traditional content insurance policies, which only cover damage due to fire, water and burglary.



“In our new partnership with Pfister, customer service is first and foremost. When purchasing an item of furniture, the customer receives suitable insurance cover on request – simply and without hassle, directly at the point of sale.” – Project Manager, Market Positioning at Baloise, Corsin Sulser.


“Many customers fall in love with an item of furniture but may hesitate for understandable reasons in the case of a delicate or expensive product because, for example, they have small children or pets at home. With insurance that fits the product, we can offer such customers great coverage against smaller or larger fiascos.” – Head of Sales Projects at Pfister, Dominik Müller.


Insurance can be taken out in a Pfister branch or online via a dedicated website.



Bottom Line: brings back memories from IKEA’s “Lamp” commercial.